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Why do women absolutely adore Bohemian style clothing?

April 1, 2019

Bohemian is a term applied to people who are free spirited and live artistic lives. Bohemian fashion includes freestyle clothing, vibrant colors and baggy cuts. Bohemian fashion has been encouraged by many celebrities as well, including Vanessa Hudgens. There are multiple reasons for falling in love with the bohemian fashion and here are 5 reasons to do so.

  1. Play full colors

Bohemian clothing supports both, neutral hues and vibrant patterns for people living in both the worlds. Your skin tone is not a hindrance when choosing from this varied range of neutral off whites, browns, blacks and greens bases with beautiful patterns on top. A nice bohemian jacket topped off over a white frock with a pair of adorable brown boots or sandals can rock your day in a care-free bohemian attire.

  1. Room for dandy accessories

The best thing about bohemian fashion is that you can accessorize your look in a hundred many ways. Your accessories may not even have to be necessarily dainty and delicate, that is the thing about bohemian attire. Dandy wooden pendants and bracelets or even bracelets made out of fabric are bound to add color to your neutral pallet. Bohemian fashion is all about embracing and enhancing your own style, with splashes of hippie and care-free.

  1. Don’t be afraid to layer on

If even in summers, you like to layer on then bohemian fashion is the one for you. An artsy, classic gown topped on a plain white tank top or even a lacy sleeveless turquoise and white ombre gown over a plain neutral colored tank top and pair it with a pair of sky blue denim shorts.

Layering can not only be fun in fabric but also in jewelry. Layer on chunky bracelets and necklaces to enhance your hobo look. Put on multiple rings, mid-rings and toe ring to take it a step further.

  1. Accessorize your hair

You can create exuberant looks and hairstyles for yourself to enhance bohemian attire. The classic and the fool-proof way to do this is putting your hair in beach waves. But the fun way is to accessorize your hair with exciting jewelry braided in them, a braided crown, multiple bands stretched to your forehead.

  1. Bohemian clothing is for everyone

Bohemian clothing is in no way restricted to only a group of people, with the strong concept of being comfortable in your own way and the wide range of modifications dwelled in it, Bohemian style is for anyone who likes to play a little with their attire.

It can be worn as a classic gown or casual wear depending on how you feel like styling it, but in both ways, extremely comfortable. Style your look with additional pieces of vintage and unique jewelry. Bohemian clothing is also pretty affordable as your look depends mostly on your fashion sense and how you carry it more than the material you put on.

Bohemian clothing never gets out of style and has been circulating since the beginning of time. Most importantly, it is for everyone who can pair it up with something casual.