Camera Stabilizer and Its Types

What are Camera Stabilizers? What Are the Different Types?

November 24, 2020

When it comes to taking the perfect shot, there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that the footage was unstable and shaky. Getting a stable shot is very tricky and the majority find it nearly impossible. The ideal solution to the dilemma is to use a camera stabilizer.

What are Camera Stabilizers?

A camera stabilizer is a device that prevents unwanted movements and maintains smooth footage when using a camera. It is a mountable rig that, when rightly balanced, can give very stable footages. The device uses gimbals to prevent shaking and is powered by motors that enable precise adjustments.

Types of Camera Stabilizers

The type of camera stabilizer you need depends on the camera weight but most are designed for use with heavy cameras. If you try using a stabilizer with a lower weight rating than the weight of your camera, the footage can actually be more distorted by the device so it is important to consider this when buying a camera stabilizer. Here are three different types of camera Stabilizers.

1. Vest Stabilizer System

Vest Camera Stabilizer System

A vest stabilizer is a camera stabilizer that has a vest attachment, multi-axis gimbal, iso-elastic arms, weighted sled, and springs. Vest stabilizers are used with high-end cinema cameras so they can be used effectively with heavy cameras but not with very light ones. In order to use this stabilizer successfully, you should transfer the center of gravity to the “sled”.  These stabilizers do not operate on batteries but are purely mechanical.

2. Axis Gimbals

Axis Gimbals Camera Stabilizer

An axis-gimbal uses automatic adjustments, gravity-based, and gives stable footage. These stabilizers require batteries and have charge times. A gimbal is a pivoting mount allowing any object to be rotated on a single axis.   Axis-gimbals usually require 15 minutes to be mounted and balanced and in some, the motor stiffness also needs to be adjusted. Doing so makes the control of the operation easier.  There is no need for batteries and this type of stabilizer is also very organically precise.

3. Handheld Stabilizers

All stabilizers that do not fall in the category of either axis-gimbals or vest stabilizers are handheld stabilizers. This type of stabilizer is a relatively less expensive option than the other two and its quality and price largely depend on the operators. There are handheld stabilizers designed for both heavy-weight and light-weight cameras.

One such camera stabilizer in the market is the Ronin-SC 2, ideal for use with mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras. Its foldable design makes it very portable and the degree of stability it offers makes for a very professional result. There are many such products in the market from which to choose.

What is a Camera Shoulder Brace?

Camera Shoulder Brace

The camera shoulder brace is a part of the stabilizer that shifts the weight of the camera to the shoulder of the operator. Camera shoulder braces are padded to allow for maximum comfort when worn and also include transmitters and zoom controllers. For use, the operator is supposed to hold two of the handles while the third rests on the shoulders. These braces are typically light-in-weight and made of PVC or carbon fiber.

Camera stabilizers are the perfect solution to the problem of unstable and shaking footages. If you want professional-quality footage results, camera stabilizers are just the thing you need.