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Top 5 Ruthless Predators of Animal World

April 18, 2020

Wild animal predators come in all shapes and sizes. On the contrary belief of being aggressive looking and muscularly strong they can be cute, small and fragile looking. They can be as small as an ant and as large as a huge killer whale.  Every killer animal is unique in its own way and using its appearance and internal strengths for its advantage. Combination of different naturally gifted capabilities makes them the lethal killer they are known as today.

Here is a brief introduction of top 5 world’s most lethal predators:

#5 Crocodile

Crocodiles are one of the most well-known predators. They have cooped up well with evolution process over the centuries, making them one of the most amazing aquatic predators. Crocodiles usually hunt bigger animals like deer, buffaloes and zebras when they come within the range near water edge. Huge jaws help easily catch and swallow whole prey without even chewing them. They like to be in shallow or deep muddy streams

#4 Killer Whales

Killer Whales are found in all oceans and feed of very vast verity of living organisms available. Thy are one of the very few whales with teeth.  Like Gray wolves they also hunt in groups, their group can have up to 40 individual whales. Killer whales emit special sound waves and locate their prey when sound waves bounce back. Their list of prey includes sea lions, seals and many more. Killer whales are really cute looking creature but not so much when they go on a hunt.

#3 Grizzly Bear

Found in North American regions, grizzly bears are subspecies of very well know brown bear. They are huge and heavy, can be as tall as 7’ and as heavy as 320 to 370kgs. With huge paws and immense power grizzly bears hunt bigger mammals like deer, moose, elk and bighorn sheep.

Grizzly bears can run as fast as 40mph when chasing a prey. Female grizzly bears take care of their young ones and often like to be alone rather being in group formation.

2# Lion

Well known as The King of Jungle, lions only hunt slight bigger prey like zebras, deer, buffaloes and even elephants. They can run super-fast and jaw strength can crush any bone within seconds. Lionesses usually go on a hunt while males take care of cubs. Lion is a complete predator in all aspects. It belongs to species of cats.

Like Lion’s humans too love hunting deer, unlike lions humans cannot run after deer. That is where deer feeders come in handy. Best deer feeders are put in wilderness, filled with deer feed, to lure deer out in open. It makes deer hunt much easier and interesting.

#1 Great White Shark

Great White sharks are known as mindless and sense killing machines, making them the most ruthless predator. It is largest predator among aquatic predators. They can be as long as 6’ to 20’ and weigh around 2500kgs. The usual prey of great white sharks includes sea lions, seals, turtles and many more.  They are super-fast as well, can swim at 25mph while chasing its prey.

There are many movies made on great white sharks. They are known for hunting close to shore, meaning surfing on an abandoned beach might not be a good idea.