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Jeffrey Sebelia’s family and biography

May 10, 2019
  • Jeffrey Sebelia’s net worth: $45 million
  • Date of birth: Jeffrey was born on 3 May, 1970
  • Gender: male
  • Age: he is 48 years old
  • Height: not available
  • Weight: not available
  • Nationality: he was born in California


Jeffrey Sebelia is a fashion designer born on May 3rd 1970 in California. He is the head designer of Cosa Nostra clothing and has won the 3rd season of Bravo Project Runway. He is 48 years old making him a Taurus. He is known for head designer of Cosa Nostra clothing brand. He is also known for the winner of third season of Bravo Runway. The fashion designer is completely self-taught. To understand just the structure of design he attended a technical trade school. He is very secretive about his family and not much is known about his parents. His fans do, however, know that he has had a very rough and challenging childhood.


Jeffery Sebelia had a rough childhood as his father was violent. His father divorced his mother when he was just eight years old. This made a huge impact on him due to which entangled himself with drugs like cocaine and marijuana. When he reached at the end of teen years he fell into heroin addiction. It took 15 years for Jeffery to get rid of this drug addiction. Now he has one son named Harrison which he had with his girlfriend at the time when he was in Bravo series. He broke up with her after the end of Project Runway show. Since his teenage, he has been a close friend to Dave Navarro. He is the father of one son named Harrison. Jeffrey has a tattoo on his neck, which was inspired by his son Harrison.

There is very little known about his family. Jeffery does not like talking about his parents or siblings so there is very limited information regarding that. Currently, his status is single. There is very little information about his previous marital status or relationships.

Cause of fame

Before he started his designing career, Jeffrey used to be a member of the band known as Lifter which was signed by the Interscope Records. The band did not go well due to which he had to change his career. He then enrolled in some sewing classes which he attended at the technical trade school. After having proper training in 2006 he auditioned for the Bravo series Project Runway. He won in that season and got to display all of his collection in the fashion week. He had an eye for the design, his collection was filled with bright colors, different patterns and flowing dresses with also smart separates. From there he started his own clothing line known as Cosa Nostra in which up till now he has made famous celebrity clients like Dave NavarroGwen StefaniJennifer LopezRed Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, Elton John, Madonna, and Tommy Lee. Cosa Nostra failed in 2009, before that he also got to be a designer for the Bratz cartoon characters live action film from which he got fired when he made some bad remarks about the characters. In 2010, Jeffery Sebelia was made the head designer of the famous brand known as Fluxus from which resigned and then made plan to launch a clothing line of his own again which is known as La Miniatura.

His work was also displayed in the Elle magazine, the featuring model for this work was Marllinda Rivera. Chester Bennington the vocalist from Linkin Park was also a big fan of his work in Cosa Nostra. After the end of the clothing line, the singer said in an interview that he misses the clothing line. The clothing line did a good job as it got worldwide up to 20 countries.

Now he is working at a fashion label known as AIRATELIER. This fashion brand is Los Angeles based. In which he has collaborated with different famous celebrities. It was his fame in the fashion designing industry that led him to be as famous as he currently is. He is popular in the world of arts and fashion.


Jeffrey Selelia is an active Instagram user. On his Instagram profile, @ bowieichiban, Jeffrey regularly posts his everyday life events and keeps his fans updated with day-to-day happenings. He posts about his son and pictures with his friends. He currently has 2,832 followers on his Instagram profile and uses this platform to increase his popularity and fame.


Jeffrey is equally active in using his twitter account and engaging with his twitter fans. His twitter profile, @JeffreySebelia, has 776 followers who are eager to receive regular updates. He engaged with his fans actively and responds to their comments regularly.


On his Facebook profile, @Jeffrey Sebelia, he is not as active or famous. Currently, he has 5 Facebook followers, though even on this profile, he frequently updates about the happenings of his life.


Much of Jeffrey’s popularity is because he is very active on his social media accounts. His fans are kept aware of most of the details of his life, and they get to engage in conversation with him through his posts.

Latest news

Not all his fans had a positive attitude towards his win in “Project Runway” and many did not approve of his negative role in the series.

Ever since Jeffrey Sebelia won the “Project Runway” with a prize of $100,000, everyone has been wondering what he is up to. In New York Magazine, a recent interview with Jeffrey has been highlighted. Here he admits that he is broke. He plans on designing dresses for live-action Bratz motion picture that is coming up. he spent the $100,000 prize on returning the hugs loan he had taken for his clothing line, Cosa Nostra.

Jeffrey has faced problems ever since he won the “project runway”. He broke up with his girlfriend Melanie and had to pay off a debt.