Is It Possible to Get Veneers Under the NHS?
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Is It Possible to Get Veneers Under the NHS?

December 7, 2020

As popular dental procedures go, year after year veneers come out way up top, second only to teeth whitening. There’s a good reason too; no other procedure can correct issues such as crookedness, misalignment, chips and cracks, discolouration, or gaps between teeth quite as well and quite as easily and quickly as veneers can. On the downside though, while it’s perhaps the most affordable cosmetic treatment available for your teeth, like all these things that doesn’t mean the price tag isn’t still fairly hefty.

Here in the UK we have an amazing NHS, always ready to have our back in our time of need, offering healthcare free at the point of use and subsidised dentistry. So if you’ve been thinking about getting veneers to fix any number of the aforementioned issues above, then you’ve no doubt been wondering whether or not you’ll be able to get them done as a treatment under the NHS.

Can You Get Veneers under the NHS

In most instances veneers are considered a cosmetic treatment, and it’s therefore quite a rarity for anyone to be considered for veneers under the NHS. That doesn’t mean it can’t still happen though on the odd occasion, and if your NHS dentist agrees that it’s a procedure you need to undergo, then it’ll be done as a ‘Band 3’ treatment. Since dentistry is only subsidised by the NHS rather than paid for outright, this means it’ll come with a cost of £269.30, as opposed to private treatment that can cost between £150 and £400 per tooth for composite resin veneers, or £500 to £1,500 per tooth for porcelain veneers.

The only way in which your dentist will offer you dental veneers under the NHS is if there’s a genuine clinical need for them, and not for simple cosmetic reasons. Since the main purpose of veneers is cosmetic—i.e. for improving the appearance of your teeth—the likelihood of you being given the go ahead for veneer treatment is, as previously mentioned, incredibly low. Unfortunately, there are very few circumstances in which a clinical need for veneers would be apparent.

Where to Get Your Veneers Privately

If like most you don’t qualify for getting your dental implants with help from the NHS, there is another option that’ll help you save on the high cost of getting your veneers privately in the UK; getting them done in Turkey.

Is It Possible to Get Veneers Under the NHS?

Over the past couple of decades, more and more patients looking to undergo all sorts of cosmetic treatments have discovered the benefits of looking outside of their own borders for more affordable alternatives, and no country has proven themselves over and over again quite like Turkey has. Thanks to great prices, high medical standards, and some of the most highly trained and experienced dentists and surgeons on the planet, Turkey’s cosmetic industry has thrived, and the following are just a few of the reasons why:

Amazing Prices

As mentioned at the outset, you could spend upwards of £1,500 per tooth if you’re getting veneers privately in the UK, and that’s before additional costs for consultations, medications, and post-operative aftercare get factored in. In Turkey though, the cost of porcelain veneers averages between £150 and £400 per tooth, including those additional costs.

There are a few reasons why Turkey can provide treatments at such affordable prices, and it’s nothing to do with a lack of quality. Operating costs are simply far less expensive for clinics in the country, especially since the cost of labour and medications are so much lower than in the UK.

Because of high costs, the UK’s dental clinics have to make as much profit as they possibly can to stay afloat, which brings with it a huge influx in cost. A favourable exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and British Pound also plays a big part, along with government subsidies to the cosmetic industry to help encourage more and more patients from around the world to undergo their chosen procedure in Turkey.

Some of the World’s Strictest Medical Standards

Turkey is home to some of the world’s strictest medical standards, and they’re incredibly hot on ensuring that they’re being followed at all times. Anyone working in the industry can expect frequent on the spot surprise visits from the Ministry of Health, as they’ll be looking to ensure that all patients are being properly cared for, all dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals are fully certified and licensed to be practicing, and that all sterilisation and decontamination standards are being fully adhered to when it comes to clinical environments and equipment.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Medical Professionals

Turkey sees an untold number of veneer procedures each and every day, thanks to the increasing number of patients flying over from all around the globe. As such, this endless number of patients has lead to some of the world’s most experienced and skilled medical professionals, each and every one seeing much more action than any of their counterparts in the UK ever will over the course of their careers.

Many Internationally Accredited Clinics

If any dental clinic is going to open its doors in Turkey, it must first seek accreditation from the Turkish government and the Ministry of Health. To further put their increasingly international patient base at rest though, more and more of the country’s dental clinics have been seeking international accreditation too, to prove that they meet only the highest possible international standards.

With each and every year that goes by, Turkey is responsible for thousands of successful veneers Turkey procedures, leading to one of the highest rates of success in the world. If you’d like to join the millions who’ve already undergone all sorts of procedures in the country, then get in contact today to receive your free quote, and get yourself firmly on track to achieving the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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