How to use Instagram to get more YouTube views?

How to use Instagram to get more YouTube views?

July 23, 2020

The road to earning fame on YouTube is never an easy one, requiring an investment of time, devotion, and patience. Among other factors which are the key to getting famous, social media marketing and promotion is also crucially important. If you ask famous people today, they will tell you the importance of using Instagram for getting more views on YouTube. Like other social media sites, Instagram is also used to gain more views on YouTube videos. But, how is this done? Here is all you need to know.

Four ways to get more YouTube likes and views through Instagram


Four ways to get more YouTube likes and views through Instagram
Four ways to get more YouTube likes and views through Instagram

There are a few ways that your YouTube video can get more likes and views through the use of Instagram. A few simple steps and your video can get famous!

  1. Using teasers of your upcoming video on Instagram

Do you have a big YouTube video coming up? Do you want to get your fans all excited and ready for the big news? Using Instagram, where your main audience is, you can make a 15-second Instagram video highlighting snippets of your work. As much of your audience will be present on Instagram, your video will catch their attention and make them wait for your original video.

  1. Showing your fans a behind-the-scenes look

Making a bond with your fans is among the most important part of being a YouTube content creator. A great way you can strengthen that bond is to use Instagram BTS shots. With these shots, your YouTube subscribers and audience feel like they are with you on this journey. Your audience will love having the sense of being engaged and included. Make sure to take a few snaps and keep your audience updated with behind-the-scene looks to make them feel engaged.


  1. Showing music tracks of 15 seconds

The latest track that you upload on YouTube, use Instagram to upload a 15-second sample of that track. This special trick uses Instagram’s audio abilities and your fans will be craving the song’s full version. So, hold your audience’s interest with a 15-seconds snippet on Instagram of the original music track! As your audience engages, you will get more comments on your video.

  1. Posting shout outs for your fans

Fans always love getting shout outs! You can use Instagram as a tool to shine a light on your favorite and most loyal followers. There are many celebrities who have used this method and gained popularity as well as good feedback from the audience.

If you follow the above steps, it is quite apparent that your YouTube views will increase. As people are engaged with watching the snippets of your actual video, they are attracted to watch the original video or soundtrack. As your audience is interested, it goes out of the way to go to YouTube and watch your videos, hence, increasing your video views. Similarly, engaging your fans through shout outs can encourage them to visit your YouTube channel, subscribe and like.