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How to sell Big Products on Instagram?

December 22, 2019

Instagram is among those social media platforms which has a wide range of users, to be specific a billion monthly users! That is approximately an 8th of the whole world’s population. It is a platform which indicates no sign of plateauing but instead to keep on growing and growing. All of which is a great opportunity for businesses to brand out into the social media world and reap benefits from promoting and selling their products through the platform.

With that said, every month approximately 2 million advertise on said platform. Although not all of the users on Instagram are on it for a particular product or service is it still a great chance to leverage for your product or service to be sold on the platform.

No matter what you have in mind for your business idea, it does not specifically have to be a certain type of product as it’s a great opportunity to see your product may it be a small product or a big product. So let’s get into understanding just how you can do so! You must follow these few tips and tricks to sell your product on Instagram and earn a buck or two!

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Convert your Instagram Account into a Business Profile

Some business owners start to sell without converting their profile to a Business Profile. This allows for the business owner to have the access to some crucial selling options and also of having a report. In order to make a switch to a business profile:

  • Login into your Instagram profile and go to Settings
  • Scroll all the way down to ‘Switch to Business Profile’

This is all it takes to switch your account to a business account. In case you want to switch back to a regular profile go through the same steps and just tap on ‘Switch Back to Personal Account.’

Switching your profile gives you the benefit of:

  • Instagram Insights: this enables you to have a compiled form of data of the audience’s or your follower’s demographics. Allowing you to be free from going through all the difficult work.
  • You will have access to information like profile visits, reach, likes, website clicks, and impressions. This you can attain by taping on the ‘Activity’ tab.
  • Under the ‘Content’ tab, you can assess the performance of individual posts or stories.
  • Under the ‘Audience’ tab, the locations, ages, and genders of followers and how active they are can be viewed also to get a better understanding of your audience.
  • CTA
  • Story links
  • Facebook Alignment

Utilize Instagram Shopping

Make complete use of the feature of ‘Instagram Shopping,’ especially if you’re selling big products on Instagram. The only downside to it is you can’t use it if you are selling services. How it works is that the posts of products’ photos or videos you make will enable customers to see the name of the products and their prices when they tap on ‘tap to view products.’

If the customers, tap on the pop-ups then they will be taken to the page where the products details are including a complete description of the product along with a CTA. In order to set it up you have to have a product catalogue ready in order to go in Facebook and also enable product tagging.

To add to that, your posts on Instagram Shopping also make it to the shopping channel on the Instagram feature of ‘Explore.’ This allows for it to reach even more users and not only the followers you have on your profile.

Start to Partner with Influencers

Partnering with influencers, also known as influencer marketing has been quite the hype on platforms like Instagram, especially as a prominent mean of selling an promoting bigger products. This is because an influencer lends you the credibility to reach an even bigger and newer audience. There are a number of big and small influencers on Instagram who have a huge follower base and know just how to utilize it to their advantage by promoting products such like that of yours. Some will gladly charge you very reasonable prices, which you can put to your benefit to put your product into the limelight. If an Instagram influencer has say 10,000 followers that makes 10,000 people who may have not heard about your product before.