How to increase your business worth by showing good stats?

August 19, 2019

Marketing and business world is quite dynamic (1) with ever changing trends, tactics and technologies. For this purpose, its critical for you and for your businesses that it would stay, with continuous developments in the industry.

Stay up to date:

In order to make your business grow successfully, stay up to date. And to be relevant on business line, it is important to be updated about all the marketing trends so that you can keep an eye on all the marketing statistics. Customers’ requirement changes with time.

Their way of doing online purchase and to search for different information keep on changing. Because of these changes, it is necessary to stay updated about the latest trends and requirements and their statistics which is vital to your success. You can even concern business people from different developed countries just like Sydney business brokers can be helpful for this purpose.

Customer friendly:

It doesn’t matter on what work you’re focused on, whether it is social media or advertising, marketing or maybe a video marketing, you should be aware of the recent statistics. This will help you to be connected with your customers and you will easily reach to the targeted audience of yours. Other than that, it will also boost the conversions.

Conversion rate optimization:

According to the research of 2016, only 22% markets and businesses were pleased with the conversion rates of their business. Whereas, conversions reached to 86% when videos and landing pages were used. In 2018, almost 90% of the searchers were not ready to mind up the brands before the search of it. Where more than $92 are spent on getting the customers, only $1 is used in conversion.

Statistics of small business:

According to a research, small businesses have given more job opportunities as compared to larger business. More than 50 employees of firms contributed much in the growth of it. In last years, business that contained annual revenue less than $5 million, experienced the growth of 7.8% (average) in sale market.

But these performances of past do not indicate the definite returns for the future. But there are some of the markets that offer small business. Many of the founders of business are very optimistic about the future of their business.

Connection with the internet:

Internet is a big place and a reliable one. It continues to grow and expand every year. Most of the people nowadays prefer online shopping. The ratio of online shopping is getting higher day by day and it will continue to as the younger generation is making dominant world of internet their habit.

Other than this, more than 45% of small businesses do not contain any website to run their business online (2) and 35% businesses feel that the operation they run is too small to be warranted on a website.

This is actually a big problem. When you operate a business two informative things are very important to be cleared for the customers. One is address and second is the details related to the contact.



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