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How to get a scholarship for Canada

April 13, 2019

The whole process of applying for studies abroad can be very overwhelming and does not come cheap. Students have to go through predictable perceptions before they can choose an international destination and a scholarship of their choice. Canada is one of the most coveted destinations for students from all over the world. Canada’s Universities and graduate schools warmly invite international students from around the globe to enroll and pursue their studies. The remarkable developments in the education sector over the past few years has attracted hundreds of international students towards Canadian Universities.

Canadian Universities are equipped with a modern academic atmosphere. When compared to other foreign countries such as the USA and Australia, studying in Canada is rather affordable but getting enrolled in the best scholarship program can prove to be very tricky and challenging. Not just this but their criteria for a scholarship is very hard-hitting to get selected and the number of scholarships is very limited.

What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships are financial rewards that are non-payable. They are commonly assigned to students with extraordinary academic accomplishments. At times exceptional volunteer services and work experience also makes a person eligible to apply for scholarships.

Getting Scholarships in Canada

If a person is interested in applying for a Canadian scholarship than it is very important to thoroughly understand the application process. The eligibility requirements and application package differ a lot from one scholarship to another. The key to getting a scholarship is to be vigilant about the deadlines and eligibility criteria and track the progress of your application. Canada offers various different types of scholarships to the international students and thus it is important to understand each of them.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships are based on merit especially for students who have exceptional academic, artistic or athletic performances. This means that a student must excel in either study , a particular sport or artistic qualities. There are various government as well as private universities that offer these scholarships. For example, the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto intends to grant scholarships to students who are exceptionally talented and the scholarship covers all the tuition, books and residence costs.

Program-Specific Scholarships

Many Canadian Universities offer program-specific full scholarships. These are only offered to students if they choose a particular program. It is a better option to try and find programs that offer full scholarships instead of those that do not offer any scholarships. For example, Microsoft offers scholarships to international students intending to study computer science.

Student-Specific Scholarships

In order to get a student-specific scholarship in Canada, a student must fulfill the criteria on which it is based. These scholarships may be based on different factors such as religion, gender or medical history. One of the most popular student-specific scholarships in Canada is the minority scholarship.

Getting a full scholarship in Canada not only enables an international student to save huge amounts of cash but in addition, it also enables them to shape their future and career without making the slightest compromise on their education.