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How to Create Quality Instagram Content to Engage Followers and expand your network in 2021

June 15, 2021

If you are a business and using this biggest platform to promote your product and business then it is crucial to build up loyal and engage an audience. But how can you ensure that your audience is engaging with your content and loyal to your brand and in turn grow your business and followers on Instagram? It depends on the quality of Instagram content. If you have not resourced to take photos, don’t worry, there are a number of ways to create a visually appealing feed. In this post, we will discuss how do you create an engaging feed that helps you to get followers on Instagram.

Research ready-to-use templates

If you are not a savvy Adobe Photoshop user, you can create a good post with cool aesthetics as there are a lot of ways to create engaging content. You can use online design tools to craft alluring images for Instagram posts like Canva, Adobe, Venngage, and Spark. You can their templates for promoting a special offer, making an announcement for your new product, and creating a post for hosting a contest on Instagram. Whatever you want to create, you can use these templates and share a visually appealing post with your fans.

Find high-quality stock images:

Most of people don’t consider using stock images but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Stock images are high-quality visuals that create a varied Instagram feed when you use them with other visuals like templates. You can also find high-quality images on other sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Stocksnap. They offer a wide range of free images that you can use for your posts (related to your niche).

Mix it up with different formats

Instagram offers its users to use a variety of content format that gives your followers a great viewing experience. You can share photos (consider using a carousel post where you can share up to 10 photos in a single post), 60-sec video to show the deep details of your product, live videos, Instagram Stories, and IGTV videos (from 15 sec to 60 minutes). You can also share informational videos or how-to videos by using a 60-second video format. Don’t try to get bored with the business facts, consider sharing interesting videos and photos with your followers. When you use to mix it up with different formats, it keeps the things balance and create a unique theme for your feeds. Moreover, it engages your followers that in turn helps you to get followers on Instagram or buy real Instagram followers for a quick boost.

Follow hashtags and accounts to discover quality content

Take some time every day and find accounts that have a similar audience to yours and have inspiring accounts. Make a list of that account and check out their best content and get ideas. Follow them, check out their recent posts, and save their share-worthy posts. You can save their post by clicking on the bookmark icon below your post on Instagram. By doing this, a lot of people visit your profile and follow you as well. You can boost your Instagram engagement and get followers on Instagram with the help of this tactic.