How does twitter is favourite network of politicians

June 10, 2019

We’re living in an era of networking. Where the whole world is connected. Technology has impacted our society through its products. Moreover, influencing people way of life and mode of communication. Social media like Twitter has became an important media in the lives of people and especially politicians. Being the most popular media among other medias it’s significant for political parties to spread their message and to communicate with people more effectively. There are a lot more beneficent activities why politics are preferring twitter as a primary media.

Direct association with people:

As already said twitter has became the most popular media it provides politician to directly communicate with people without any hurdle or without spending a cent over advertisement.

Campaign benefit:

Twitter has became an ultimate source for organizing campaigns like buying twitter followers cheap starting from $1 only. Allowing like mind people to share news and information about the campaign with others. How it works? Well, twitter has got a “retweet” option and that’s how you set the chain.

Conveying messages to people:

Millions of people are gathered at the platform of tweeter. It’s way more convenient for any political person to convey his/her message towards people with his/her single tweet. Which allow people to know what their leader’s mind set is and what he’s up to.


Public perspective:

This platform has proven to be absolutely effective for politicians. When a political person tweets something it allows people to tell their perspective on the topic. Allowing leader to know what people wants and needs are and allowing people to feel comfortable sharing their opinions. Moreover, it allows people to feel that the leader gives importance and worth to their opinions and is connected to them.

Involvement of youth:

Youth is the diamond of one country. One most usefulness of twitter is it allows youth to engage in voting. A political person arranging campaigns about the worth of their vote would allow youngsters to appear in polling and put a great impact on election.


Feedback can work good and bad as well. Depending on how politician responds. Though, it allows people to share their feedbacks they can be positive and negative as well. Blocking the negative ones and welcoming the positive one will cause chaos. The best way is to set your mind to read positive and negative remarks when you ask them for their worthy feedbacks.

Worthing public opinion:

When public share or tweet their opinion they’re meant to show their interest in a specific political person. When a politician comment or retweet that tweet it allows people to think that the politician is involved with their opinion and give importance to their opinions.

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Hashtags are fun to use whichever media it is. But they play a serious role as well. When we talk about politics, promoting hashtags involve millions of people and the chain goes on spreading the message to the world.

That’s how tweeter has became the favorite platform not only for entertainers but politicians as well.