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Can Dentist Removes Tonsil Stones?

June 14, 2020

Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath:

A lot of people have it but nobody wants to talk about it. Since you have heard it now, we are going to delve into the subject of tonsil stones today.

What are the Tonsil Stones?

Tonsils are two glands placed at the back of one ‘s mouth that support the immune system by trawling pathogens moving towards the body via the mouth. The two glands are coated in mucous and have pits. The number of pits and groves varies from person to person, indicating that the more the pits the more chances of having tonsil stones.

Bacteria, particles from food, and other debris may get trapped in the pits. If it stays, it solidifies and hardens the debris in the pits, developing into tonsil stones. If you experience discomfort or inflammation in your tonsils regularly, tonsil stones may be the reason for this. Besides the discomfort, tonsil stones come with bad breath from the bacteria that grow on the stones.

The stones are often visible to the naked eye using a mirror where they appear like rounded prunes with cracks covered by the bacteria. The stones are mainly white, grey, and yellow. If you suffer from this, you are probably in a dilemma about whether to go to the dental clinic or the doctor

One’s major concern is can dentists remove tonsil stones? You should be able to understand that your dentist doesn’t specialize in cases such as tonsil stones removal. First, he or she will suggest salt water gargling to help get rid of the irritation that comes with building up tonsil stones. The traditional way of gargling salt water helps with various problems concerning the throat and tonsillitis. Your dentist may look at the tonsil stones and decide to wipe off the stones using a swab. It tends to work if the tonsil stones are not too accumulated and developed.

Although the method is not highly recommended, some dentists may recommend taking antibiotics. Sometimes, as the immune system improves, those tonsil stones tend to go away on their own.

Most tonsil stones can be eliminated by themselves using simple tools such as cotton swabs, coughing, mouthwash, gargling hydrogen peroxide, and using a brush to clean the back of the teeth.

Things to Remember while considering a Dentist:

A dentist can displace the stones using the equipment while the patient is sedated. The procedure is performed only if the dentist is confident that he or she can manage the process without any negative impacts. Before proceeding your dentist will analyze the stones’ condition.

If a person suffering from regular tonsillitis, the doctor will suggest the surgery to remove the stones and tonsils known as tonsillectomy. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics in place of tonsillectomy. Pharmacists have developed drugs that help eradicate tonsil stones without having to undergo surgery.


Tonsil stones can be avoided by maintaining high levels of hygiene that include: regular brushing and flossing, brushing the lips, cleaning the throat and mouth as they both reduce the build-up of mucus and bacteria as well as food particles.

Hence, it is important to keep motivating your youth to maintain high standards of oral hygiene and also to visit your dentist or ENT doctor for removal of tonsil stones if they become too nuisance.