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All you need to know about TikTok challenges

November 9, 2019

TikTok is one of the favorite apps for Generation-Z. The TikTok challenges generate a firm commitment among users. They are the key to its virality. We will explain everything you need to know about Tik Tok’s challenges.


What is a TikTok challenge?


TikTok, formerly Musical.ly, is a mobile video sharing application. The main difference from other social networks is that TikTok specialize in short video clips, vertically with background music and many filters available. It is sort of the video version of Instagram and Snapchat, like what Vine did before the service stopped in 2016. TikTok users have access to community videos and can create their own by playing the choreography and song of their choice in playback. To keep its audience captive, TikTok offers challenges every week.


The phenomenon of memes inspires the latter by proposing to the community to produce video sketches on a given theme, such as the famous Ice Bucket Challenge, which had mobilized the Facebook community for long weeks. The concept of challenges TikTok is part of the DNA of the app, and one of the last challenges to date noted by users was to pretend to eat one of his fingers. In addition to its viral side, which appeals to users, the success of the challenges lies in the fact that the platform offers gifts to the directors of the most-watched and shared videos.


How to discover new TikTok challenges?

The challenges can be found from the home page of the application or in the search tab, which, like most social networks, brings together the latest trends and trendy hashtags. The official TikTok @OfficialChallenge account also publishes new challenges every week, which are almost instantly relayed by the community.


What are the most famous TikTok challenges?


Some TikTok challenges have been very popular with the community. Most of the challenges offer to dance to the tune of specific music, like #BadBoyChallenge or #DuraChallenge; others are more original. Among the challenges that have met with great success are:


  • #ShoeChallenge: users had to make a short video where they changed shoes every second
  • #HideAndSeekChallenge: you should disappear and then reappear unexpectedly
  • #EatOnTheBeatChallenge: this TikTok challenge asked users to eat to the beat of a song.

TikTok also offers challenges related to current topics, such as the #DontJudgeMeChallenge, which invited to reveal an unflattering self-image than to assemble itself in the best light and aimed to prove that appearances are often misleading. Finally, the application also surfs on popular events like with the #HalloweenBattle, a challenge in which TikTok indicated that “Halloween is the time of year when real beings reveal themselves” and invited its members to post videos of their disguises and make-up. Finally, some challenges are really out of the ordinary, like the #WhistleChallenge, which asked internet users to perform choreography with their ten fingers.


The challenges TikTok, a tool for retaining its users


TikTok most certainly represents the new social platform to invest in brands. They have every interest in adapting to the tool and its codes to increase their visibility.

To get the success of the social network, companies will inevitably have to get closer to the main influencers present on the application and invite them to propose challenges related to their brand. The most innovative companies will not hesitate to build their own community on TikTok by proposing challenges themselves with rewards. Like Instagram, if your target is on TikTok, you will now have to include the application in your digital strategy. If you are a brand and new to Tik Tok, then first off increase your fan base to boost your visibility. Now, you can increase your following count in no time, buy TikTok followers, and see the magic. If you pair it with buying TikTok likes, you can get desired results.