6 Tactics To Score High Marks In CBSE Exams

6 Tactics To Score High Marks In CBSE Exams

March 15, 2021

School students all across India would be busy with their exam preparations as the final examinations are approaching. Schools must have scheduled their last phase of learning, revisions and setting up mock tests. Higher secondary students would be engaged with their lab practicals and projects as the submissions are getting closer. Overall, it’s a busy and crucial phase in every school students’ lives for the next two or three months.

Students of Class 10 and Class 12 belonging to CBSE will have to take up their board examinations rolling up in a couple of months. Board exams are important checkpoints in every student’s academic life as they play a crucial role in setting up the future of the student. Hence, students must take extra efforts, put in the hard work to give their best for the board exams.

When it comes to preparing for exams, it has always been a nightmare for all the students because it is a lot of effort and work to put into studying. But, what if there was a way to learn and prepare for the exams at ease and score higher marks. If you think it is possible then keep reading.

Learning Basic Concepts of all Subjects

Firstly, all the fundamentals and basic concepts of all the subjects must be learnt correctly. To do this, reading and learning from the NCERT textbooks is the most suggested method. These textbooks provide neat and clear explanations to concepts along with relevant diagrams in color as a learning aid.

Answering Exercise Questions

Further, students are advised to answer the intext and exercise questions present in the NCERT textbooks to improve their conceptual knowledge and build up their problem-solving skills. 

Apart from the NCERT textbooks, students are encouraged to refer to NCERT Exemplar problems of the respective subject in order to attain a firm grip over the key concepts present in the subject. Students can access the NCERT Exemplar Solutions while solving the chapter-wise exercise problems. These solutions help students in clarifying instant doubts and also boost confidence among students. Besides, the correct methodologies for solving different kinds of problems can be learnt by using this resource.

6 Tactics To Score High Marks In CBSE Exams

Important Checklist For Exam Preparations

Here is an important checklist for students preparing for their final examinations: 

  1. Know the syllabus completely
  2. Frame a solid and realistic study plan, including revisions
  3. Prepare short notes for key concepts and formulae
  4. Solve the previous year and sample question papers
  5. Pay more attention to weaker sections of a subject
  6. Consult reference books to enhance concept clarity

Just by checking this checklist from time to time during preparations, students can achieve their desired scores in the examinations. 

For Mathematics, the best reference material is by RD Sharma. Solving problems from RD Sharma book using the RD Sharma Solutions builds problem-solving skills and provides a more comprehensive approach towards solving difficult problems. Ultimately, the key to scoring high marks in Maths exams is only through practice, practice and practice. Regular usage of such resources can boost confidence among students for taking up the final/board examinations. 

Wishing all the students the best of luck for the annual examinations!