5 Most Exciting Click Speed Testing Games

July 23, 2020

Fast clicking is a major talent of a gamer. An efficient clicker is a proficient gamer. A usual desktop computer has a normal mouse that is used for all purposes extending from routine computer work to gaming. But games are not all alike. While there are some easy games to play for all age groups and all people, their are games such as counter strike, mine craft taken series which are professional high-power graphics games and they require a specific skilled audience to play them. That is why a gamer has a very fast clicking speed because they practice to enhance their clicking skills in order to be able to play professional games.

We will discuss 5 most exciting click speed testing games that measure if a beginner gamer is ready to enter the arena of professionals. These games are fun as well as they enhance the click speed per second of its players.

Click speed test:

In this game there is a specific area where the player clicks with the mouse. It measures the speed of clicking in 5 seconds. It also provides 6 other time periods to add more fun.

Grow defense game:

This is a very engaging and interesting game where the player has to protect a tower from invading creatures. A very interesting feature of this game is that it is a 3D game. To protect their castle the players have to keep clicking on the creatures to banish them, as the levels advance the creatures become larger in number and more powerful. Players earn gold which they utilize in enhancing the defense system and make purchases. This game is perfect to test clicking speed, for adults and a very entertaining game for kids or for passing time.


This game is developed by Boombox Inc. This game not only provides practice for the clicking speed but is also a good stress reliever. In the game the players are supposed to keep clicking on the boxes to destruct them, using bombs. More the destruction, more the mayhem thus more points. The points are used to purchase bigger explosives. This game also helps to evaluate they stamina of the gamer and his click speed per second.

Tanks Squad:

This is yet another game that players can use to evaluate their click speed and enhance it by playing this game. In the game the player has to destroy the whole tank squad of the enemy. Although the tank keeps firing but the player can click rapidly on the enemy tanks to destroy them. Faster the clicker, quicker the enemy tanks destroyed.

Tap Tap Builder:

This clicking game is a simpler version of the popular game Age of empires. The difference is only that the player can do limitless constructions unlike the original game. It also aids the players to practice before playing the original game. The players can construct the buildings and structures willingly till their fingers exhaust thus, improve stamina and clicking speed of the players.

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