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3 Untold facts about Whitney Scott Mathers, Eminem’s adopted daughter

March 21, 2019

Anyone who is a fan of rapping king Eminem knows about Whitney Scott Mathers as he mentioned this name many of his blockbuster songs. She is his little girl who is just 16 years old teenager. She was born on April 16, 2002, to Kimberly Scott (Eminem’s ex-wife) and Eric Hartter. But she was raised by Eminem due to the volatile life of her biological parents. Albeit, he never shy to pen down about his life’s happening but he is so touchy about the personal life of his daughters. His secluded nature rises some snooping among his fans about his relationship with his daughters especially Whitney Scott as she is the daughter of his ex-wife Kim Scott. Here, we discuss some interesting facts including hidden truths about the personal life of Whitney Mathers. Read on!

Who is Whitney’s biological father?

Whitney is a biological daughter of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter who was born in 2002. Kim Scott was the wife of Eminem whom he divorced in 2001 before her birth. Kim Scott moved to her mother home after the divorce. She had a brief relationship with Eric Hartter who was running from Law for drug charges. However, he was a tattoo artist but he was also involved in drugs and smuggling cases. He is not lucky enough to spend time with her daughter and likely to have no attachment to his baby girl. He was not with Kim Scott when she was in the hospital for her delivery. However, he is her biological father but Kimberly did not mention Eric’s name on her birth certificate. With his criminal activities, he was also involved in delivering false information to the law enforcement agency. Once he expressed his desire to meet his daughter Whitney but Scott denied his request. She answered him if you want to meet with his child then you take her to the court. You might be on the sock to read this bitter truth. Later, Eminem holds the custody of Kim’s daughter and own her as his daughter. She is known as Eminem’s daughter who is the youngest of his three daughters.

Eminem is not her biological father

Whitney Scott Mathers has been adopted by legendary rapping king Eminem in 2002. Many of us may have a question why did he adopt her when she has parents and Eminem has also kids. Don’t fret, we are here, to tell the truth, and give you the answer to this question. Actually, Whitney was born after the divorce of Eminem and Kim Scott and Hartter is the main reason behind their split in 2001. Eminem got married for the second time with Kimberly Scott in 2006 but the duo parted away after 3 months. Eminem got the full custody of Whitney when Kim faced some legal issues due to drugs.

Her Mother and aunt was drug addict:

Whitney Scott is a biological daughter of Kim Scott who is drug addicted. She was also arrested due to the drug possession back in 2002. Not only her mother but her aunt and Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott was also drug addicted who died due to a heroin overdose in 2016. Dawn Scott is also the mother of Whitney’s eldest sister Alaina Marie Mathers.


It is hard to tell about the love life and net worth of Whitney Scott Mathers as she is too young now. She is living a lavish and peaceful life as her father’s net worth is around $190 million.